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Senior Citizens are the Fastest Growing Segment of Student Debtors – 5 Things You Need to Know

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens, not college seniors are the fastest growing segment of student loan borrowers. More than a quarter of borrowers over 60 are still paying loans from their own education.

CFPB warns Student Loan Borrowers Bad Information Can Cost You

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

      Incorrect information about your college enrollment status can cost you warns the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  In a Consumer Advisory published February 27th, the CFPB outlined the ways the bad information about enrollment status can wreak havoc for student borrowers. Student loan borrowers report problems while pursuing a degree, when they leave school and […]

Largest Student Loan Servicer Accused of Cheating Borrowers

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

      Navient corp. formerly part of Sallie Mae has been sued the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau a federal consumer agency.  The CFPB is alleging that Navient has deceived and cheated Americans struggling to pay back their private and federal student loans. The CFPB is alleging that student borrowers were provided with inaccurate information, […]

Stop Losing Social Security Benefits to Student Debt

Older Man with Head in Hand

Older Americans who rely on Social Security benefits to live are being pushed below federal poverty guidelines due to garnishment of their benefits to pay federal student loans.

ITT Tech files for Bankruptcy

ITT Tech

ITT filed bankruptcy to liquidate its business. Students left in limbo.