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12 items you should have in your trunk

Emergency items in trunk

The holidays often involve traveling by car.
Just like you check your shopping list for the ingredients for your holiday meal,  you should check your trunk for your emergency equipment and supplies before hitting the road.Turkey



12 items you should keep in your trunk when traveling.

1. A reflective hazard triangle or road flares
2. a First-aid kit
3. Crucial medication
4. Jumper cables
5. Windshield scraper and brush
6. Spare tire. (Be sure to check it has air and that you have your jack and lug wrench)
7. A blanket and extra warm clothing
8. Gloves
9. A bottle of water per person in your car and one for each pet traveling with you
10. A fresh energy bar. One per person
11. Road salt or cat litter if you are traveling in colder areas
12. A flashlight

Check your emergency items so you will be prepared. Buckle up and be safe as you travel over the hills and through the woods.

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Posted November 23, 2015