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Senior citizens in Texas and throughout the U.S. have been especially hard-hit by our national economic downturn.  Essential goods, including food, utilities, fuel and medications are more expensive than ever.

Fragile fixed-income budgets can unravel when unexpected medical bills or credit card debts come due.

Perhaps an unstable situation within your family has compelled you to come forward and assume responsibility for a grandchild.  Any number of financial pressures can have you thinking about declaring bankruptcy, just to keep your head above water.

Credit card debt often has been associated with young consumers.  Today older Americans are turning to credit cards to pay for essential items and to deal with unexpected emergencies.   

  • Half of Americans over 50 carry medical expenses on their credit cards. Almost half use credit cards to pay for car repairs
  • A third use credit cards for home repair
  • Over a third have used credit cards for basic living expenses such as housing, food and utilities

If you are a senior citizen whose fixed income has been stretched thin by caring for a child or grandchild — or if you are facing extensive credit card debt or medical bills — contact us.

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