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What does a free consultation involve and is it really free?

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The Law Office of Nels C. Hansen, P.C. offers a free confidential consultation.

You will have the opportunity to sit down with experienced bankruptcy attorney Nels C. Hansen and ask your questions about debt and bankruptcy.

You can learn the Truth about bankruptcy and dispel the myths and lies about bankruptcy.

In order to be able to offer a free consultation and for you to get the most from it, we need you to do a little work.

You need to fill out our consultation worksheet. This worksheet provides the foundation for the consultation and allows us to evaluate your financial situation.

Your next step is to call to schedule your free consultation. Then download the consultation worksheet and fill it out to the best of your ability. On the day of your consultation you should bring the completed worksheet, your most recent pay stub and your most recent tax return to your appointment.

We will sit down together and review your situation to determine if you qualify, need, or even should file bankruptcy.



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