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Will I have to Go to Court?

Bankruptcy Court HearingYes you will.  There is no need to be scared.  In a typical Chapter 7 you will need to go to one meeting of creditors.  This hearing is also called your 341 meeting.   It is a necessary part of your case. This is usually within 40 days of the filing your case. If you and your spouse are filing together both of you must attend the hearing. The hearing is simple and straightforward so you need not worry.  I will attend the hearing with you and make sure all of your proper paperwork is submitted.

In a typical Chapter 13, you will need to plan on attending two hearings. The first is the 341 meeting of creditors. These hearings are usually about 30 days after your case is filed and are scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. You will have a specific hour for your hearing. If you and your spouse are filing together both of you must attend the hearing.

The second hearing is the confirmation hearing. It is usually 20-40 days after the 341 meeting.

Confirmation hearings are usually scheduled for Tuesday mornings at 9:00 a.m. This is when your Chapter 13 plan of reorganization is approved or confirmed by the Judge.


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