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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you have lost your job, or find yourself overwhelmed with medical bills or credit card debt, you may be feeling desperate concerning your financial situation.

You may even be considering quick fixes, to keep your head above water — a payday loan, a reverse mortgage, a home equity loan, a debt consolidation scheme or a 401(k) loan or withdrawal.

Those are not solutions. Let us explain safe, legal paths to lasting debt relief.  We are the Law Offices of Nels C. Hansen, P.C.

Helping Texas Working Families and Businesses
As your Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer,Nels C. Hansen can explain to you how you may be able to discharge many of your debts without losing your personal property. Generally speaking, there are property exemptions that allows most people to keep much of their property up to a certain value — $30,000 in personal property, $60,000 if you are married depending on how long you have lived in Texas.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be used to provide debt relief for small business owners too, whether or not you are personally a candidate for a consumer bankruptcy. In order to qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you have to pass a “means test,” which looks to the amount of money you earn. If you do not qualify for a Chapter 7 approach due to the “means test,” we can advise you on proceeding with a Chapter 13 reorganization

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a responsible way for you to reorganize your finances, clear your debt, and obtain the fresh start you deserve.

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