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EpiPen Rival is OVER 80 Percent Less Expensive!

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Anyone who has or cares for someone with serious allergies and relies on an epinephrine auto-injector to prevent life-threatening allergic reactions has another cost-effective option.  The EpiPen is designed to provide a small amount of the chemical epinephrine, which treats the symptoms of anaphylaxis that can be fatal if not treated immediately.  Anaphylaxis can be triggered by eating trace amounts of peanuts or a bee sting. 

CVS, the national pharmacy chain, has announced it will start stocking the authorized generic version of Adrenaclick, an auto-injector that dispenses epinephrine. The package will contain two pens and cost $109.99.  Impax Laboratories (the creator of Adrenaclick) offers an Epinephrine Auto-Injector Savings Card for those who qualify which could reduce the price by $100.00 per pack for up to three packs.

The EpiPen currently costs $649.99 for two pens.  The generic version of the EpiPen two-pack costs $339.99.  Mylan Pharmaceutical manufactures the EpiPen which is based on a century-old drug and a decades old auto-injector technology.  Public backlash in 2016 was loud in reaction to the 500 percent price increase for the EpiPen.  Mylan CEO Heather Bresch was questioned by a congressional committee over the price increases last year.

Because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration considers the different brands of epinephrine auto-injectors to NOT BE therapeutically equivalent, patients may need to visit their doctor and obtain a prescription for an “epinephrine auto-injector” which will allow them to access the less expensive pen or they can ask the pharmacy to contact the patient’s doctor for permission to change the prescription.

The good news is Epipen users will now have a far less expensive alternative available at one of the 9,600 CVS locations nationwide.

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Posted January 13, 2017