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No Shirt, No Shoes, No Dirty “nasty” Cash

Clean fresh cashEverybody loves the feel of crisp fresh bills in their hand.

Unfortunately, many times the cash in your pocket can be down right nasty.

Your mother may have told you cash is dirty and you should wash your hands after handling it. She wasn’t wrong.

One store is taking a stand against “nasty” cash as summer approaches. In Owensboro, Kentucky the store Tobacco Road has announced it will refuse soggy cash pulled from customer’s shoes, socks or bras.

“Due to rising temperatures, we will NOT be accepting BOOB or SOCK money.” reads the sign at Tobacco Road.

The manager explained about some customers “They dig deep into their not-so-called pockets to bring me some nasty money that we don’t want to accept anymore. Money is nasty anyway, but we don’t want to accept money that’s sweaty or normally in places you wouldn’t put money at.”

Pass the hand sanitizer please.

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Posted May 6, 2016